Q: What are the system requirements for PhotoLibrary?
A: Any PC running Windows software will run PhotoLibrary. All that is needed is a hard drive with 15Mb of free disk space. A 800×600 screen resolution is hightly recommended and Internet Explorer Version 4 or greater is needed to view the help files.

Q: If I buy the full version of PhotoLibrary, will I loose all the data that was entered into the demo?
A: No, when you install the full version, you will not loose any data.

Q: Since the full version of PhotoLibrary doesn’t come on CD, how do I reinstall PhotoLibrary when I get a new PC?
A: You simply reinstall the demo. Then,  after purchasing the FULL version, you’ll get instructions for backing it up and how to recover or reinstall.

Q: What image formats does PhotoLibrary read?.
A: PhotoLibrary displays more than 30 image formats including: TIF, PhotoShop, JPG, BMP, Canon Raw, Nikon, and PNG – click to see the full list of Image Formats.

Q: Do I need a scanner to use PhotoLibrary?
A: No. PhotoLibrary will keep track of your prints and slides. If you have a digital version of a print or slide, you can keep track of it along with the original.

Q: Can you scan images from your program?
A: No, you cannot. PhotoLibrary will keep track of your digital images but does not scan images.